” We could not have asked for a better agent than Alex Alvarez. Being first time home buyers, he walked us through the process and made sure we were aware of and understood everything that was going on every step of the way. He was literally available to answer our many questions 24/7. He made what could have been a very scary/nerve racking process very enjoyable. We will recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home.”

"Alex was prompt, personal, and very involved with every family member.  He addressed any questions and concerns right away and even went out of his way to contact additional family members about what was going on with the house." 

"Alex helped us sell our home last summer. We are middle-aged people whose work requires us to move too often. We have bought and sold homes about a dozen times. Thus, we've worked with many agents over the years. We decided to go with Alex after interviewing several agents. What stood out  immediately was his passion for the work. He loves what he does and gets excited about selling your home. He came up with excellent comps for our property, which was atypical, having acreage, water rights and an older, but pretty thoroughly remodeled and improved home. After studying the comps and relying on his experience and knowledge of the market, we were able to arrive at what we believe was the 'just right' asking price. Next, a designer (she was wonderful) came by to walk through and give us suggestions, tips to make the house photograph well and show well. Of course like most, I think I have excellent taste, haha, but I humbled myself and did everything the designer told me to do. Then I cleaned (throughout) like I was preparing for the Olympics of cleaning . Then, the photographer arrived. It's important to point out that Alex and C3 put quite a lot into selling your home, both time (we'd NEVER had a realtor spend so much time with us) and money. The photography was FIRST RATE. I can't tell you how wonderful the photography was. Just like Alex, the photographers were first class, professional and friendly. Alex wasted no time blasting our home across the Internet, all the major real estate sites (and many we'd never heard of). (Not every agent/agency does that, one might think they do, but they don't.) Alex is tech-savvy. He eats this stuff up, loves working to be on the cutting-edge in the business. It was a pleasure working with Alex throughout. His enthusiasm was contagious. He'd take our calls and be on the phone working for us late into the evening. He kept us up to speed on every detail, always concerned with making things go smoothly and working around our schedule. The whole experience was akin to flying in first class for the first time (which we don't do often, but you get the idea). I HIGHLY recommend Alex Alvarez. Thank you Alex Alvarez and God bless you. Also, God bless the folks who bought the home, wishing them every good thing."